Why Global Warming and Climate Change Can not Be Prevented?

A glimpse at global warming, environment disasters and climate change from the perspective of Economics

-More tree cutting
- More fossil fuel consumption
- Use of more clean water
- Canalizing more waste into rivers, lakes and seas
- It means more air pollution and forcing the ozone layer.

Rising feed prices and the resulting drought are causing animals in Central Asia and the Middle East to be fed water-impregnated cardboard and plastic. (Source: Reuters’ lens)
As of August 2021, rebellions and actions are rising from East part of Turkey… (forage shortage)

‘What if the rival firm or the state is making up its cover and somehow producing more and making money? What if he somehow abuses the terms of the agreement and sells goods from his backyard?’ 🤔
- Am I a sucker? just in case, I should keep producing and making money. 😏

Climate Change.jpg

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