Why Global Warming and Climate Change Can not Be Prevented?

A glimpse at global warming, environment disasters and climate change from the perspective of Economics

3 min readSep 3, 2021

Capitalism, the market system we live in, is essentially a ruthless racing. It is a tough race based on the logic of “destroy the other person by exploiting or you perish”, where no one gives any mercy to anyone. This race takes place both between states in the macro field and between people in the micro field. Capitalism, in the shortest definition, is people fuck each other.

Economic growth is the engine of capitalism. Growth always means greater production and use of surrounding natural resources. In other words, continuous production must be made and growth must occur so that capitalism can work. The disruption of ‘economic growth’ around the world means the engine has stopped. Stopping the engine creates crises, chaos and depressions in markets and societies.
(We saw this more clearly during the Covid-19 period… We witnessed a kind of depression and chaos such as the cessation of growth, the global chip crisis, street protests in South Africa, Cuba, Belarus, suicides.)

Economic growth means producing more. To make production;

-More tree cutting
- More fossil fuel consumption
- Use of more clean water
- Canalizing more waste into rivers, lakes and seas
- It means more air pollution and forcing the ozone layer.

Rising feed prices and the resulting drought are causing animals in Central Asia and the Middle East to be fed water-impregnated cardboard and plastic. (Source: Reuters’ lens)
As of August 2021, rebellions and actions are rising from East part of Turkey… (forage shortage)

Although green agreements such as the Paris Climate Agreement and the Kyoto Protocol are made, the following doubts will always be in the minds of states and factories:

‘What if the rival firm or the state is making up its cover and somehow producing more and making money? What if he somehow abuses the terms of the agreement and sells goods from his backyard?’ 🤔
- Am I a sucker? just in case, I should keep producing and making money. 😏

After all, we are talking about the greed and drive for profit that no one can resist. For this reason, even if environmental agreements are made, behind the agreement there will always be attempts to produce more, to pollute the nature more, to steal more from the nature. No factory or state that is not sure of its rival will not hold back from production like a sucker. In more technical terms of economists: John Nash equilibrium in game theory, win-win situation will not be achieved.

In conclusion:

Greenist manifestos and olive-branched statements aside, states and individuals are ruthless beings with primitive motives that only think of their own interests. 😈 This instinct of human beings cannot be prevented.

Global warming and climate change cannot be prevented. This is certainly not a pessimistic view or a pessimistic prediction. The world global warming threshold is 1.5 degrees. And this threshold has already been crossed. Any environmental movement after this point will be a poor effort to gain time. Knowing this reality, people like J.Bezos and E.Musk are aware that another planet is needed for salvation, and that the population of the world must be rasped somehow in order to gain time…

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