Why is Turkey Vacation So Cheap?

What kind of trick is there?

2 min readMay 24, 2021

Turkish tour programmes are very cheap. Cheaper than Spain, Italy, Croatia and Greece. The exchange rate advantage is a huge factor certainly. However, there are many other reasons to consider beyond the exchange advantage.

Especially in the 2021 season, holidays in Turkey are promoted as if they were free. The loss of control of the epidemic and the need for large foreign exchange because of economic crisis is major factor. Even Turks do not want to live in Turkey anymore. Violence and insanity are in the extreme among locals. 434 tradesmen have committed suicide in the last 4 months(👆🏼click to see +18). Furthermore, the media is constantly censoring, but the situation in Turkey has become very dangerous.

Measures taken are too weak and inadequate. Virus controls have been minimized to earn foreign exchange. Tolerance levels seem to have been raised to the highest levels as well. Nobody cares with whom to dinner and breakfast in hotel restaurants side by side !!

The main factor in the epidemic reaching this extent is that there is a primitive and archaic mindset in polity. All problems are tried to be solved by leaving them at the mercy of Allah.

Showing this value to its own citizens:

Turkey’s new tourism video campaign 2021
people on social media got angry against tourists and government.

What does it not show to the citizen of the foreign country just for the money?

Tourism and Holiday Guide 2021 Turkey and a Slovakian tourist on image in May of 2021

If you can not imagine possibilities, just watch the ‘Midnight Express’ movie.

Just translate and read these robbed tourist fresh news:

Oman tourist robbed by 2 people who introduced themselves as police

There is a word in economy and finance field: ‘The more risk the more the profit.’
Also, It is useful to remember a proverb like this: ‘If you buy cheaply, you pay dearly.’

In the light of all these tabs above, it is useful to be careful.
Start with Jesus, Stay with Jesus, End with Jesus.✝️🙅‍♂️
Aegeanocturne , Turco Economist, reports from the source.

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